An accompt of what belongs to the Warden of the\his Mats/ Mint within the Tower of Londo. vizt

|1| A large \dwelling/ house {&} a washouse thereunto adjoyning & a garden opposite thereunto\to both/ with a small house Contayning one roome at the end of it the sd. Garden now Inhabited by mr Young

|2|one other house Contayning 4 rooms next to the lyne & a wash house a lodging \roome/ & some Cellerage over agaisnt it Inhabited by George Mary the Wardens Clerke

|3| There was formerly a Coach house belonging to the sd Warden of the Mint between the Monyers kitching & mr Silvesters house Conta. about 12 foote in breadth to the front next the street, & abt 25 foote deepe

|4.| There was also a stable belonging to the warden at the further end of the Mint which hath bin since Converted \made/ into Lodgings for souldiers

About the year 1633 Sr. Wm Pa\r/ckhurst & Sr. Anty. St Leger were Wardens of the Mint at which time the Wardens \dwelling/ house {illeg}|w|as accounted from the house (wherein mr Roettiers now lives) into the Kitchin wherein yt G {Mary} \below stairs/ {illeg}|of| ye aforesaid G M\{illeg}/ {h{illeg}le}, & {Lovell} with that above stairs & so upwards and all the roome over the Kitchin & Parlour that {Maiy} posessethe, was then a publick office for the Irish mony & the Warden passed to it from his house above stairs then\long after this/ one {Rice} Briyot (a frenchman) made a proposall to K C ye {sic} 2d to coin mony by the Mill & press \beter then the monyers did before in that way/ so that then he had those rooms the sd. office or rooms abovestairs \by a stair case/ added to those below \allowed him by the officers/ & lived therein for a time, {illeg}|And| after his death the Monyers tooke posession thereof & kept it untill the Vnhappy Rebellion the when one Holland came to be Warden and he setled his Clerk into the sd. and after that {illeg}|O|ne St. Iohns was Warden & did the same to his Clerke so that from that time the {sd} {illeg} whole hath bin reputed reputed the\as belonging to the/ Warden{sic} house & belonging to {illeg} for himselfe & Clerks as aforesd

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