Our Will and Pleasure is, and Wee do hereby command and Authorize you, that for the future you cause Our Coyns of gold and Silver vizt: the five pound piece, the forty shillings piece, the twenty shillings piece, and the ten shillings piece of gold, and the Five shillings piece, the two shillings and sixpence piece, the shillings piece and the six pence piece of Silver, to be made according to the forms depicted in a draught, which was |[|directed to be done by Our Right Trusty and Right welbeloved Counsin and Counsellor Charles Earl of Carlisle, Earl Marshall of England and|]| shewed unto, and approved of by Vs, and hereunto annexed, |[|You changing the Cypher AR into a Rose upon the gold moneys, and making Drapery about the neck upon the same gold moneys, like the Drapery on the Coronation Medals.|]| And for so doing this shall be your Warrant. Given at Our Court at              the    Day of          1702. In the First year of Our Reign.


By Her Majty's: Comand.

[1] To Our Trusty & Welbeloved,
Isaac Newton Esqr. Master
and worker of Our Mint.

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