An Account of the Tin remaining unsold in the Tower, in Holland, & at Hamburgh, Octob. 25. 1715.

There was\remained/ in the Tower 1742Tuns. 4ton symbol in text. 0gr|d|. 5{L}{d}wt which at 76 per Tunn (being the price it is now sold at) will make . . . . . . . . . .|13247. 7s. 4d|

There was sent into Holland \in the hands of Mr Beranger/ 1600Tuns, which at 80 per Tun comes to . . . . . . 128000

Out of wch summ must be deducted what he\Mr Beranger/ was paid to Mr {Anstis} upon acct being

(as appears by his Accts) – – – 1950 } 75500
And to Mr Neo{illeg}|ico| – – – – 2000
And what {the}{Mr}\he Beranger/ has advanced by way of anticipation — } 54000
And there remains– 52500.0.0
   There was also \at Hamburgh/ in the hands of M|S|r Iohn Lambert & Captain Gibbon 960 Tunns, which at 80 per Tu|o| — — 76800
Out of wch must be deducted what they have advanced by way of anticipation } 14000
And there remains – 62800.0.0
And the summ total of the three Accts is – 247709|7|.7.4

Mr Beranger & Sr Iohn Lambert are to have an Interest at teh rate of 5 per cent to be recooped from what they sell wch must be deducted from this summ as also\as also the charges of the Management. And what the Agents have in Cornwall must be deducted./

Is. Newton


The Agents in Cornwal had in their hands at Christmas last about 397 Tuns, to which \if/ the Christmas, Lady day & Midsummer coynages must be added, & if from the summ be deducted 951Tuns 16{illeg}|ton symbol in text| 3gr|d| 20 sent from Cornwall to ye Tower; the remainder will be the quantity now in Cornwall to be added to the former account vizt

[1] Mint Office Octob. 2{9}|6|. 1715.

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