An Account of what his Maty may los|o|se by renewing for seven years the contract wth Cornwall & Devo Devonshire for Tynn now voyd by her Majts death.

If the King should now renew the contract for seven years to come; the dead stock being at present about 400,000li & the interest thereof at 6 pr cent 24000li per an: his Mts loss will be as in the following Acct.

1840 Tunns of Tyn pr an sta. wt, at 3li 9s per ton symbol in text sta. wt 126960.0.0
Freight in London 1840.0.0
Salaries in London 1350.0.0
Incidents charges in Londo,|n|, as Porters &c 200.0.0
Passing Accts &c 94.0.0
Salaries in Cornwall & Truro 1540.0.0
Incidents in Cornwall 700.0.0
Insurance & other unforeseen accidents 1000.0.0
It|n|terest of 400,000li dead stock at 6 pr cent 24000.0.0

Total \yearly/ expence

Sold pr an\about per {illeg}|Income by| \selling about// 1{illeg}|3|50 Tuns Averdupois \per an/ at 76li per T{illeg}|u|n 102600.0.0
Expended yearly above the income 55084.0.0
Expended in seven years above the income 385588.0.0
Interest of this expence during \all/ the contract|, about| 69405./70000.\6|0|/0.\{illeg}|0|/0\
Interest of the money advanced by the King the two first years untill the Queens debts be aid off, about } 12000.0.0
Total expence |in seven years| 467588.0.0

The Quantity of Tyn remaining unsold per an \will be about/ 62137 Tuns \per an/ av{illeg}|e|rdupois
~|And ye| Total unsold in seven years will be about 4350 Tuns averd.

The value thereof at 3li 16s pr ton symbol in text 330600

At the end of the contract if all the Tynn then in the Kings hands \{should} |(wch would be| \about/ |1{illeg}|9|5000 Tuns) should|/ be sold at once {a}t \the Merchant/ would scarce give abo for it above \30 or/ 35li per Tun & at this rate\35li pr Tun/ the 4350 Tunns would {scarce} be worth above 152250li: which being deducted from the total expence leaves 315338li; the total loss\A {illeg} this loss |the| total loss/ by the \new/ contract, wch \by the new contract. And this/ loss is after the rate of 45000li pr an at a Medium.

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