To the Most Honble the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer, Lord H. Treasurer of great Britain.

May it please yor Lordp

In obedience to yor Lordps order signified to us by Mr Lound's's his Letter of ye 27th |of| Instant\Ianuary/ \namely/ We humbly represent that we should lay before yor Lordp what are the quantities of Tinn in the Tower in Cornwall & Devonshire in Holland & at Hamburgh \& {illeg} {weigh} it may be sold/ \send {illeg}|yor| Lp an Acct of the whole quantity of Tyn wch her Mty hath paid for that now remains unsold as well in or Custody in the Tower as in the hands of the Agents < insertion from the left margin > for Tyn in Cornwal & Devon & at Hamburgh Holland or elswhere/ with as neare an estimate as we can of ye value thereof or for < text from f 554r resumes > , We humbly repre{n}|s|ent that in the Tower \there are/ 1919Tunns 6ton symbol in text 2qrs 9 wch at 2|3|li 16s \per ton symbol in text/ |(|the selling price \at present/,|)| amounts to 145869li. {illeg}|0|. {illeg}|1|. In the hands of the Agents in Cornwall are 85{0}|35|ton symbol in text|T|un 3ton symbol in text. 3qrs. 11 wch at {illeg}|3|li. |1|5s per ton symbol in text (the selling price there) amounts to 835. 2. 3. {illeg} 62{5}|6|39li. {illeg}|8|s. {3}|7|d. In Devonshire \there/ were 34{illeg}|Tun|s. 18ton symbol in text. 1qr. 23{Tunn}|| \wch at 4li per ton symbol in text the selling price present selling price/ amounts to 123200li. And in the hands of Sr Iohn Lambert & Captain Gibon at Hamburgh \there/ are {illeg}|96|0 Tunns wch if it can be sold at the same rate will amout|n|t unto 76800li. The Total {illeg}|a|mounts unto \of the Tin quantity/ 411126li. 15s. 5d {illeg}|o|f the Tinn is 5289Tunns 2|8|ton symbol in text 3qrs 15 And the total price thereof, according to the rates above mentioned|,| is 411126|7|li {illeg}|12|s. {illeg}d10d.

All wch is most humbly submitted

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