To the Rt Honble the Earl of Oxford & Ea{illeg}|r|l Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of great Britain.

May it please your Lordsp

According to yor Lordp order of 3d September instant We herewith lay before yor Lordp \in the paper annexed/ an Acct of all the Her Maties Tyn {illeg}|t|hat has been sold since Lady last & to whom|.| in the Paper annexed. The persons named in the Account are for the most part Pewterers who sometimes by|u|y for themselves but {for} most commonly factor for the merchants. \For where the Merchants imploy Factors we enter only the names of the Factors./ We have also added another Account of the Quantities exported to several places abroa{illeg}|d| taken from the book{illeg}|s| of the Custome-house but not \yet/ examined by us \|&| published/ by other people:|\For {illeg}|W|e enter not the Merchants names nor the places to wch the Tyn is exported./| We cannot affirm |th|it|s| |Act| so exact as that taken from our own books: but it|\the whole sum /| agrees well well\in the who/ with ors.s{illeg}|o|me small errors perhaps excepted.\that {illeg}|i|n or books wch makes |{illeg}|us|| think the particulers neare the truth if not exact./ All wch is most humbly submitted to yor Lordps

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