In obedience to yor Lordps order signified to us by Mr Lowndes his letter of Ian 29 upon the annexed proposal of Mr Robt Balle merchant, vizt that if yor Lordps shall ship off & deliver {illeg}|20|0 Tunns of Tin to his factor at Leghorn, upon his factors receipt thereof he will pay for ye same three pounds 16s pr ton symbol in text either here or at Leghorn as your Lordps shall think fit: we have considered the same, & humbly represent that Sr Theodore Ianssen paid 4li 10 per ton symbol in text to the late Ld Treasurer for tinn runn into barrs barrelled & shipt off at her Majts charge & delivered at Genoa & Leghorn, |[|without including the losses wch \always/ happned by imbezz3lmts of {illeg}|some| Tin by the seamen & by breaking of the barrels in removing them from shipp to ship & wch usually amounted to about 2s 6d per ton symbol in text.

The charges of running the Tin into barrs barrelling & shipping it off 0. 2. 11 ]
Insurance\Freight/ to Leghorn 4. 6. Insurance at 10 pr cent 8s 0. 12. 6
Imbezzelments 0 2. 6
0. 17. 11

& yet her Maty was\seems to have been/ a loser by that price. For the charges of running the Tin into barrels barrelling & shipping it off came to 2s. 11d. \per ton symbol in text & {recconmts} for/ Freight to Leghorn at 4s 6d & \8s for/ insurance at 10 pr cent {illeg}|(|8s,|)| The whole will be 15s. 5d which added to \3l 16s/ ye price at the Tower makes 4. 11 5 besides the losses by imbezzelments \by seamen/ wch one {illeg}voiage wth another amounted to about 2s 6d pr ton symbol in text So that We are humbly of opinion therefore that by the proposal above mentioned, her Maty would be a great loser.

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