The state of a new contract for Tin{sic} /upon supposition that no more is imported then the consumption will annually carry off.\

Paid annually for 1{0}|6|00 Tunns of Tin at 3li 10s pr ton symbol in text stan. wt 112000
Freight to London 2143
Insurance 1500
Salaries including 30li to Truro 2890
All inciden{e}|t|s in Cornwall & London 1000
Total expence 119533
Interest of 119533li advanced during the sale of about 2150 Tunns of Tinn stan. wt, that is for a years & a quarter\four months/ at 5 pr cent } 7969
Total charge 127502
Discharge by the annual sale of 166 Tunns at 8137li |pr st. wt.| 130286
The ballence remaining to her Maty 2784
At the interest of 6 pr cent\At 6 pr cent (wch is the interest of the moneys lent to Cornwall)/ the ballance will be to her Maty 1190

In this recconing not{illeg}|hin|g is allowed for unforeseen accidents.

Ten thousands pounds being paid\lent/ to Cornwal at ye interest of 6 pr cent, the interest of all the moneys advanced (vizt of 119533) should be recconed at 6 per cent.

The Tinn imported from Devonshire is about 40 or 45 Tunns pr an

The total exportation about 1550 or 1560 Tunns pr an stan. wt

Left in her Majties hands pr an about 80 or 90 Tunns stan wt.

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