May it please your Lordp

In obedience to yor Lops Reference to us of |1|9th \of/ Aug last of\upon/ Mr William Tyndals proposals for advancing her Majts Revenue in Relation to the Tinn having discoursed him on that subject, we liked his first or|&| second Proposals |second| be{illeg}|t|t{illeg}|er| \then his third/ upon giving sufficient security to make either of them good till {illeg}|A|ll the Tinn to be received from Cornwal be sold for the whole term: proposed B|b|ut he insisted only upon his 3d Proposal of making the Tin a fund for transferable credit to be accepted in all the branches {illeg}|of| her Majts {illeg}|R|evenue But|And| upon representing to him that it could not be accepted in those brances {sic} wch are setled by Act of Parliament upon public uses, that it could not exceed the value of the Tin in store wch was not 30000li & yt it interfered with the credit already upon the Tin wch was for a much greater summ he acknowledged the first & second of these difficulties & could not tell\satisfy/ us how the third might be avoided. All wch &c

In obedience to yor Lops Order of Reference of ye 26t of Iuly last upon the annexed Proposal of Mr Iohn Williams for disposing of her Majts Tinn spe|e|dily & profitably by raising the price of |it,| we have had several meetings with him to be informed of his proposal & particularly about the Tin brought by the Dutch from the East Indies. But finding Mr Williams could give us no \satisfactory/ account of that Trade, we for or better information had a meeting with some of the most considerable East India Merchants, who were all of Opinion contrary to what is alleged in ye Proposal that great quanti{illeg}|t|y of Tin may be had in the Indies East Indies fit for use &|of| yt if yt price of it be raised considerably here, it may be an encouragement to yt Dutch to import more then at prsent. We are also humbly of opinion that it may not only tend to alter the course of {illeg} Trade {but} in Tin but may\will/ also lessen the consumption of Pewter at home & the exportation thereof into other countries.

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