|1.| If her Majts t|T|inn continue to be sold after the rate of 76li per Tunn, her Majty will be a great run \above/ 3|t|hirty or forty thousand pounds intoo debt years {till} till the term of the bargain be expired, & after all the Tin is sold off be a great loser by ye bargain.

|2| The raising of the price will not much abate the consumption & notwithstanding such abatement will bring in more money annually then comes in by the present price.

|4|5|| It will be three years before the Dutch can have Tinn f{illeg}|r|om India & after that {illeg}|th|ey will have but two years more to prejudice her Majties bargain.

|4|3|| The higher the price the more it |is| for her Majts advantage & \for/ the advantage of the nation provided p|t|he price be not immoderate.

|5|4|{\w/ /w\}| the Farmers of Tin have formerly sold it at 6lir Hundred & if it therefore we beleive {sic} it may be reasonably set at 5li 5s {illeg}|a|s in the Proposall & if it should be set at 5li 10s or 6li pr hundred {illeg}|a|s formerly, we should not think the price immoderate. |And we are humbly of opinion that ye price be raised at once.|

|5|6|| It will be three years before the Dutch can have Tinn from India & after that they will have but two years {illeg}|more| to prejudice her Majts bargain. And that prejudice may be {illeg} prevented or at least diminished by impr|l|oying \some/ East-India Merchants to buy at Malacia \one after another/ {illeg}|a| few Tons of India Tinn at {a} price|s| above the Market {illeg} & at ye same time to let the Indians know that Tinn \foor one or two {illeg} years or two/ \to raise the price of Tin in India by such methods as they are {illeg}|acq|uanted wth & to lower the price of that tin in Europe./ is grown very dear in Europe. For by these means they {illeg}|m|ay raise the price \{illeg}/ of Tinn \will be raised there by steps/ s{illeg}|o| that ye Dutch shall \be able to/ make little or no advantage by \buying/ it.

|7| And it up it be declared here that {illeg} tin

|6 7| If \upon raising the price of her Majts Tin/ it be declared here tha{illeg}|t| no Tin shall be sold \under that price/ during the next three years, udner the price to wch it is raised the merchants will hav{illeg}|e|{y} time to dispose of what they buy {illeg} at {fir} \& thereby/ bee incoured {sic} to buy\the merchants \here/ will venture to buy at that price be incouraged to buy |because they will| |have time to sell before|without abating of their price the price abates/ & the Dutch \{illeg}/ will be discouraged not venture to buy much {illeg} Indian {last} {no}\Tin/ because they know not what price |th{illeg}|at|| Tinn will bear after the three years are expired. hence when they bring it home.

|675| For quick{illeg}|n|ing the sale of the Tinn \the block/the {sic}\/ it may be sold 5s \4 or 5s pr hundred/ cheaper upon ye wharf then in the Tower|,| {Wharf} |to them who for every three \two or three/ Tins of blocks will take of| /one Ton of small barrs at ye same price wth the blocks in ye Tower\

{illeg}|8| If the price of Tin should be raised at prsent wth a declaration that after a month or two it shall not be sold during the space of three years under such a higher price as shall be named, this would might quickly carry off what Tin is now in the Tower, but |[|afterwards the sale would stop till that wch is alread {sic} sold be consumed & therefore|]| we {illeg}|b|eleive {sic} it more for her Majts advan{illeg}|t|age to raise the price at once & the small barrs

|7|8|| And for \further/ preventing any prejudice from the {illeg} importation of the Indian |[|Tin |[|the Dutch East Indian comparing may be] her Majts Envoy in Holland \or some other fit person/ may propose to ye \Dutch/ East India company {illeg}|th|at if they will\that if they {illeg}|w|ill/ covenant wth her Majty that they shall bring over no more Tinn \during her Mats contract/ annually\then/ they used to do (suppose\wch is about about/ 20 Tunn annualy {sic}) {illeg}her Majty will {illeg} quietly permit they shall may make their advantage of it by raising the price thereof proportional to ye price of her Majesties Tin wthout any molestat impediment from her Majts subjet|c|ts, otherwise not: & the English East India company may be treated with to raise the price of {illeg} Tinn in the Indies if the Dutch {E} company do not by such me{illeg}|th|ods as they are acquainted with in case the Dutch company do not {illeg} enter into ye said contract or do afterwards break it

Lady D 1704 to Iune 20 3601.0.14 1400.0. 1
Iune 20 1704 to Sept 28 2551.3.0 Tton symbol in textqrgr
6152.3.14 = 307.12.3.14.
In {illeg}|Oct|ob 36.10.0
Decem {illeg}|{22}|. {illeg}|1{illeg}|. 0
Novem 15.14.{illeg}|0| 319.2.{illeg}|2|.21
Decemb. 1.2
Ian 0.0
Feb 16.14.1

Tin exported in time of pea{illeg}|c|e {illeg}\1274/ Tuns pr ann by a medium of ye 5|4|14 years between the two ways.

Tin exported in the last year of the first war {illeg} 9{illeg}|4|7012

Tin expot|r|ted in the first year of this war 921912.

Sept 29. 696
Mich. 696
Mich. 1697
Mich. 1698
Chr. 1698{illeg}
Chr. 1699
Chr 1699
Chr. 1700
Chr. 1700
Chr 1701
Chr 1701
Chr 1702
East India ton symbol in textqrli ton symbol in textqrli ton symbol in textqrli ton symbol in textqrli ton symbol in textqrli ton symbol in textqrli
100 11.0.0 14.3 60.0.0
Flanders 1252.3.0 3449.3.14 1203.0.26 1730.0.0 1065.2.14 177.3.0
France 0.0.0 2092.3.18 726./2634.\ 2./1.\ 19/12\ 2346/7757.\ 1./2.\ 12/16\ 7757./5532.\ 2./2.\ 16/26\ 5532./8.\ 2./0.\ 26/0\
Holland 7162.3.26 2010.3.14 2608.1.27 3394.0.04 3260.0.21 3176.1.12
Italy 81.3.26 624.0.13 1500.0.0 214.0.0 1176.3.12 970.0.0
Spain 824.1.0 1426.3.0 852.3.21 852./1443.\ 3./3.\ 21/22\ 1443./1152.\ 3./3.\ 22/14\ 1152./501.\ 3./0.\ 14/0\
Streights 2345.2.0 4708.2.0 7042.0.14 3153.3.20 3915.2.0 2675.0.0
Turkey 58.0.0 2509.3.0 8|1|6{illeg}|1|3.2.0|1||4| 1152.0.0 1986.3.21 709.0.0
Venice 98.0.21 8.1.0 369.3.0 198.0.0 322.3.2 40.00

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