May it please yor Lordship

The Officers of the Mint being appointed by yor Lordship to sell her Majties Tin & order {sic}\cause/ the price thereof to be paid to a Receiver whom your Lordp shall appoint & who shall account annually for the same: if yor Lordship, for lessening the number of Officers & making the business more expedite & less chargeable, shall think it for her Majties service that the said Receiver be an Officer of the Mint, I am willing, as I am yor Lordps Undertreasurer or Receiver for the business of the coynage, so by ye assistance of my Deputy & Clerk to undertake the charge of receiving & accounting for the price of the Tin. And as yor Lordshp understands best what is fittest for her Majties service so I make this offer with all\absolute/ submission to yor Lordps great Wisdom, being

My Lord



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