May it pl. yor Lop

\I having signifyed that I can/The Warden & Comptroller of ye Mint having \sometimes/ exprest a desire that the charge of her Majts Tin should be in ye Mint \with a common Cashier Treasurer or Cashier/, & the Assaymr having exprest a great desire to be concerned in ye {same.} about ye Tin & being of the board for things below stairs, I humbly be{illeg}|g| leave to signify that whenever yor Lop shall think fit to resume the consideration of lodging her Maj the Tin in ye Tower I {illeg}|a|m ready to act in such a manner as yor Lop in yor gr w. sh. think fit


|1| A Treasurer \|Receiver| T{illeg}/ to receive (by himself or a sufficient Deputy fo the Tin & Deliver it at a certain rate\{illeg}/ & pay the money from time to time into ye Exchequer & account yearly

|2| An able Pewturer of good credit to attend the service.|,| |& {illeg}|t|o \assay &/ distinguish the| /sorts of Tin & set out the Tare Tin & glass Tin to ye melting pot.\

|3| One or more Cle{illeg}|r|ks \of ye Mint/ to enter ye number weight & price of ye Blocks received & delivered.

|4| So many Porters as shall be necessary \upon occasion/ to remove ye Tin.

|5| A {illeg}|M|elter to melt ye Tare & Glassy Tin.

|5| And for th{illeg}|e| more convenient & satisfactory managemt of the business there may be a board of the Officers of ye Mint for {illeg}\inspecting &/ directing ye management, \ordering repairs & things ne{illeg}|c|essary,/ answering\making/ Reports, \&/ examining Bills of incident charges, &c \& {reproving offenders}/ & the Treasurer may be allowed a sufficient Deputy for whom he will answer.

The Tower Wharf to be made a free {illeg}|W|harf for importing & exporting &|h|er Majts Tin with ye use of the Crane \of the Tower/ & liberty of importing\carrying/ the Tin into & out of ye Mint \without molestation/. And the Constable of ye Tower to have notice thereof

The Commissioners of the Customes to be directed to send an Officer to attend ye unlading & lading of ships at that Wharf.

The Tower Commrs of ye Customes to have notice to authori{z}|s|e the lading & unlading of ye Tin at ye Tower Wharfe & to send an Officer thither upon occa{illeg}|s|ions to attend ye service

The Constable of ye Tower to have notice to {illeg}|g|ive order that order that ye Tin may be imported & export carried into & out of the Mint \without molestation/ & the Com Officers of ye Ordnance that their Crances may{illeg} be used for\in/ this service.

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