To the most Honble the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of great Britain

May it please yor Lordp

Since I attended yor Lordp last, I caused a new Furnace to be built in order to a further trial of what may be done by casting of copper into Barrs & coyning copper money out of those barrs. But in the mean time upon assaying the half pence of wch I shewed yor Lordp a specimen, I found the copper coarser then it was by the assay before casting. Whereupon I ordered Mr Bagley the founder to supply me wth such barrs as would fully endure the assay: but he has not yet produced any tho it be about three weeks since I gave him the order. Whence I suspect that in ye specimen of half pence wch I shewed yor Lordp he put in some Tynn wthout my knowledge tho I stood by to see him cast the copper & he pretends another cause.

Whether the Fillets be made by hammering or casting it will be requisite to repair the Mill-rooms & other rooms in the Irish Mint for cutting flatting scouring & nealing the money, & the repairs by the workmen's estimate will come to about 145li. If your Lordp please to let me have a Warrant for repairing them, It may be done in six weeks time

We do not receive gold & silver into the mint to be coyned untill they be made fit to be received. If your Lordp shall think fit that the copper be made into fillets by hammering, & received into the Mint by weight & assay & the money delivered back by weight & assay the coynage being paid for by the Importer: a coynage may be set on foot in this manner so soon as the charge of coynage, the number of pieces in a pound weight & the Reverse of the money shall be setled. And the money made by this method will be of the same fineness wth that of Sweden.

All wch is most humbly submitted to yor Lordps great

Is. Newton


[1] Mint Office 12 Apr. 1714.

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