Considerations about the coinage of copper moneys.

That \good/ copper imported in large\large/ Bowles or {illeg}|Ing|ots be assayed & that wch proves good by the assay be received by ye Mr & Wr by weight &|A|verdupois \upon his Note expressing ye wt h{illeg}f/ & |be| paid for by the Mr in \new/ copper money after the coinage thereof, at such a rate as shall be appointed for|by| her Mty from time to time {illeg}|b|y warrant under the signe manual directed to ye said Mr & Wr for ye time being & that the Mr be charged & discharged by his Note as in the coinage {illeg} at the said payment be discharged by taking back his Note, & that all the paymts relating to this coinage be made in copper money.

|1| That such\all/ copper {illeg}|wc|h will hammer thwn {illeg} hea{illeg}|t|ed to such a degree of heat as suffices to melt {\Regulus of / /standard silver\} {illeg} be received as good by the assay.

Th{e}|a||t| four ounces of copp Tynn {illeg}|b|e added by the surveyor of the meltings to every hundred weight of Copper to make the metal runn close without burning the moulds.

That the Importer at ye first setting up of the coinage be allowed [1] per pound weight, & that the Master be allowed for coin{illeg}|age| 6[2] per pound wt.

That a pound weight of copper be cut into [3] \pence/ & if it exceed or fall short by a half penny in ye pound weight, it be recoined at the Masters charge.

That out of every hundred weight two pieces be taken, one for the pix the other for the assay & that the assay be made before delivery in such a manner {illeg}|a|s shall be found by experience to be the most convenient

That the exceess {sic} of the new money above the price of the copper & coinage be reserved to her Maty for defraying the charges of be{illeg}|u|ildings repairs {f} engins furnaces \scales & weights/ & such like incidents & reqarding the Assayer, {&} surveyer, & t|w|eigher &{illeg} teller, {illeg} & clerks {illeg}|&| {illeg} {illeg}|&| Officer to \Assay/ weigh & tell & enter the weight & tale in books, & the surveyor of the meltings &c.

|1| That all \Bowles {illeg} ingots of or mo{illeg}|l|ten masses of copper {sic}/ copper wch will hammer when heated too such a degree of heat as suffices to melt Reg. of be received by the Master upon his Note expressing the weight thereof, & be coined into copper money \|adding 4 ounces of Tynn to every ton symbol in textwt| adding 4 ounces of copper to make ye metal run {illeg}|clos|e &/ cutting a pound {illeg}|w|t averdupois into 19d wth a remedy of a half penny, & that ye mon every hundred weight be examined \before {delivery}/ & wch \wch upon telling/ proves without the remedy be recoined at ye Masters charge.

|2| That {illeg} when the copper is coined the Mr pay the Importer \in this new money {illeg} after the rate of/ 1114 per lwt {illeg} for {illeg}|th|e copper importe{illeg}|d|, or after such other rate as her Maty shall from time to time appoint by {illeg} Warrant under {illeg}|t|he signe manual directed to ye said Mr, & that ye Mr be \then/ discharged by taking back his note.

|3.| That the Mr \out of the r{coine}|emain|dmo|er|ney of the money/ retain to himself 612 {illeg}|p|er lwt for the charges of |assay/ing\| coining \& telling/ & {buy} up the rest in a treasury for her Mats use \pack up the other incident charges b{illeg}d out of the remainder/ |& reserve the| /rest for her Maty.\

|4| That there be a Comptroller of \all/ this Coinage who by himself {his}|&| or his deputy shall \or assistant shall oversee/ survey \survey &/ \controll/ the Assays, Weight, & Tale, & Meltings & assay the money where coined before delivery{.}|;| & keep an acct of {illeg}\th{e}|i||s|/ coinage in writing, & make up a roll thereof annually for a voucher to ye Master who shall acct annually for ye coinage by weight & t{illeg}|a|le & for the incident charges thereupon

|5| That the Warden of the Mint also take care {illeg}|that| this coinage {illeg}|b|e well performed in all its parts, & have copper money imprest to him by the Caster to pay \{illeg} {illeg} {the} {bills} the Comptrollers allowance & the Bills/ for erecting & repai{illeg}|r|ing buildings for this coinage & the Comptrollers allowance & insert these recconings into his annuall accts.

[1] 11

[2] 14

[3] 19{sic}

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