Her Maty upon the votes & address of the house of Com{illeg}|m|ons having by Warr{illeg}|a|nt under her signe manual directed the Ward{illeg}|en| Master & Comptroller of her Mint to receive Plate into ye said Mint & to give Receipts for the same after the rates of 5s 5d per oz for plate of ye old standard 5s 8d per oz for plate of ye new sta. & 5s 6d fo|pe|r oz for uncertain plate reduced to standard & having also directed me to coin the same & pay the moneys produced into ye receipt of |ye| Exchequer, but the Receivers of the Exchequer not being yet authorised f to take the Mint Receipts or Bills dated after the 14th day of May, & the moneys \to be/ coined ou{illeg}|t| of the Plate for wch those bills were given not being due |in|to the Excheqr untill those Bills can be there received: I humbly lay before your Lordp that the Importers will lose the use of theire money so long as it shall re{illeg}|m|ain in my hands & therefore pray {illeg}|y|or Lordp that I {i}{illeg}|ma|y be \sufficiently/ authorized in such manner as yor Lordp in your gt wisdom shall think fit, {either} to pay the mone{illeg}|y|s arizing out of the said plate either into the Exchequer for the Importers use or to the Importers themselves.

B. } Sta.
B.1612 40.9.5

Sweep of the first import{illeg}|e|d parcel 58. 1{illeg}|0|. {illeg}|2|. 1{illeg}|5|

Sweep of the sec{illeg}|o|nd imported parcel 29. 1{illeg}|0|. {illeg}|3|. {illeg}|23|.

Sweep of the old standard of the first imported parcel – 37. 8. 13. 10

Sweep of the new standard of the first imported parcel – 21. 1. 9. 5

And therefore humbly

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