May it pl. yor Lordp

In obedience to your Lordps verbal order, I humbly lay before your Lordp that the plate {sic} of the {ol} \the an account of the plate in brought into the Mint. {sic}/ brought into ye Mint before \between/ the 15th of May amount{illeg}|s| \in standard weight/ 14640lb|w|t 1oz 1dwt 6gr besides the {go} what remains in the sweep wch is now maling up & the 19th of Iune inclusive{illeg}|l|y amounts to 7940lb|w|t {illeg}|4|oz 8dwt 1gr wch after the rate of 5s 2d per oz will make the summ 24615li. 2s. 8d45. And that the {illeg}|Re|ceipts of this plate given for this plate after ye rate of 5s 5d per ounce old plate, 5s 8d new plate & 5s 6d uncertain plate reduced to standard 4 5d pr oz amount unto 26564. 18. 6. From wch the former summ being deducted the remainder is 1949. 15. 10. |[|This silver was melted into 97 Ingots wch & if your Lordp pleases to allow for the first melting the beating \hammering/ of the silver to fit it for ye melting pot & the making up the sweep after the rate of 5s per Ingot, the charge will amount unto {illeg}|2|4li 5s|]| When ye sweep is made up the silver got out of it will {illeg}|e|xceed all the \incident Charges &/ charges of \relating to/ the first melting|.| {illeg} {illeg}|&| {illeg}

The {illeg} \receipts given for/ Plate brought into ye Mint before ye 15th of Iun May amount unto 48845li. 11s. 8d34, & the P & the Plate \was melted into \1/{illeg}/9\{illeg} Ingots &/ made 14640lb|w|t. 1. 12. 6 of standard silver wch after the r besides what remained|s| in the sweep.

The receipts of p given for Plate brought into the Mint before after the Mint from ye 15th day of May to the 19th day of Iune |inclusive| amount unto 48845. 11. 834, & the Plate was melted in 26564. 18. 6. & the Plate was melted into 97 Ingots & made 7940lwt. 4oz. 8dwt. 1gr of standard silver besides {th} what remained|s| in the sweep. This standard silver after the The receipts to be given rates of 5s 2d per ounce will made 24615. 2. 814 \of new monies/ wch being deducted from the former summ upon \arising f/ th{illeg}|e| receipts leaves a loss of 1949li. 15s. 1{illeg}|0|d14.

The|se| plate\have been/ brought {illeg}|\into the Mint/| since the 19th of Iune \362012 {illeg}|ou|nces of Plate old sta & \ounces of plate/ wch/ after the rrate of 5s 5d ol{illeg}|d| sta & 5s 8d new will amount unto 1292li. 4s. 4d12 1405li. 11s. 00 & the silver will make about 1300{illeg}{illeg} pounds of new money in tale. but this is not yet melted nor are any receipts given for it excepting for about 300 ounces. |I pray your Lordps directions whether t{illeg}|h|is Plate shall be| /coyned or returned to ye owners.\

The silver to be got out of ye sweep will exceed all charges relating to ye first melting & if yor Lordp pleases to allow the melter aft{t}|e|r the rate of 5s per Ingot {illeg}|f|or {illeg} hammering & fitting battering the silver to fit it for the melting pot, \& for/ melting it & making up the sweep, I (wch I account a \very/ reasonable allowance:) I shall be able to state the account whole accoun{illeg}|t| to yor Lordp so soon as the sweep is made up & the silver coined coinage finished.

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