To the Rt Honble the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of great Britain

May it please yor Lordp

In the new Act for raising a fund of two Millions, after a recital of the resolutions of the House of Commons for encouraging the bringing plate to the Mint & adressing her Maty to direct the officers of the Mint to receive the same & of her Majts directions thereupon |& of the further Resolution of the Commons that the Receipts thereof should be accepted upon any Loans||or contributions upon any funds to be demanded this last sessions| & of the receipt of plate at the Mint to be {M}{the} melting|ed| down essayed & coined\in pursuance thereof her Mats Warrant/: it is enacted that all the Receipts {of} given for Plate before the 15 brought into the Mint before the in pursuance of her Majts said Warrant before the 15th day of May be accepted {by} upon the said fund \of two millions/ {o}|b|y the Receivers of thereof\if tendred before ye 25th day of Iune/; but nothing is enacted concerning the Receipt acceptance of the Receipts given for Plate imported afterwards. What is to be Your\Whereupon I humbly {illeg}/ |yor| Lordps direction about this matter And what is to be done thereupon is most humbly submitted to yor Lordps great Wisdome

Is. Newton


Importers of the said Plate to pay to them respectively – – – – th{en} the same shall be repaid to him or them Out of her Majesties Civil list; money in December or Ianuary\{be} of {half}/ next, if the or so much thereof as shall enable \him or/ them to balance their accts\make eaven/ his {ac} their accounts if the Parliament shall not have provided for the same before Xmas next.

Coincident Received      ounces sta. of {illeg} Silver melted out of of oz of played of ye old standard & making in new moneys

Paid into ye Excheqr by vertue of } her Majts warrant of May 10 Paid to the Importers of \the/ plate the produce of the {new} moneys coined out of their Plate imported before after


Received       ounces of silver
|Plate| wch made      ounces of standard
silver & being coined produces|d| in
new moneys        The
Receipts give out {illeg} at ye
rates voted by Parliament amounted unto         The excess is
} lisd

The Plate {was} There were      ounces of Plate of ye old standard       ounces of Plate of ye new standard &     & ounces of plate of uncertain stađ imported between the 1{5}|4|th of May & 20th of Iun{i}{c}e \inclusively/ all wch made       ounces standar &      being coined into new moneys produced  li  s  d. And the Receipts given out for the same after at the rates voted by the Hosue of Commons amounted unto       & the difference between this summ {{illeg}|&|} the moneys produced being       was paid to the Importers by the Master & Wr of the Mint, \partly/ out of the moneys reserved in his hands by Act of Parliamt for defraying the charges of melting refining & coining the plate imported on the 11 12 & 14th of May, & partly out of other moneys advanced by him.

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