May it please yor Lordps

The plate taken in this\yester/ day, after the rates of 5s 5d & 5s 8d per ounce, amounts to \about/ 9760 pounds: wch with 29521 pounds worth taken in on friday & saturday makes the whole value about 39281li, besides |I cannot yet be exact in the summ because our Clerks differed a little in their||recconing.| The uncertain plate wch may \further/ amount to about {{illeg}|4000|}li, & some parcells of markt plate wch were lodged in the Mint but not yet weighed because the parties were absent when it came to their turn, & wch may amount to about {illeg}|1000|li. I hope to give yor Lordps an exact account besides some parcels brought in last night after we had done weighing wch I think do scarce amount to 1200li

What shall be done thereupon i{{illeg}|s|} most humbly submitted to yor Lorpsgreat wisdome.

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