Proposals for coyning half pence {illeg}|&| farthings of Copper for the English Plantations in America.

That copper half pence & farthings be coyned in the Tower according to the intrinsick value of Copper in the several Plantations & charge of coynage wch charge will be about six pence half penny per pound weight Averdupois. |The value of ye Copper to be certified| /from ye Plantations.\

That ye farthings be stamped on ye reverse with such a stamp as shall be agreed upon by the Governours & Councils of the several Plantations wth ye approbation of the Council of Trade.

That they be sent in her Majties Men of War & Convoys in such quantities only as the Governours of the several Plantations or their Order shal from time to time write for, so yt the Plantations may not be overstockt nor want.

That {illeg}|a| Premium be allowed suppose of 2 or 3 per c{illeg}|e|nt {as}|if| her Majty pleases, to those men who shall receive them from the Captain of the ship & pay for them.

That all this be done if her Maty pleases & for that end be laid before my Ld High Treasurer by the Officers of yt Mint.

The Governour of yt Plantations \to/ certify the Price of {p}|C|opper in their several Go{illeg}|vern|ments.

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