To the Rt Honble the Lords Commrs of his Majts Treary

May it please yor Lordps

|{illeg}\2/{illeg}|4||A new Mint being a thing of a pb|u|blick concern I could be glad ti wave any private advan{illeg}|t|age I may have by the Coynage in the Tower to oblige the Gentlemen of Ireland.|3| And if \|they| Ireland will be at the Charge &/ his Majty shall think fit to order one \such a Mint/ to be erected, I am ready to contribute t|w|hat I can to ye best manner of setting it up, as by supplying them with Dyes &c.|1| I am satisfyed that the Memorial of my Lord Chancellour of Ireland was well intended\{illeg}|2|/ |&| {illeg} perceivi|e|{illeg} now that \{illeg}/ a {illeg}|M|int\I {illeg} {sic} if a Mint be only desired only for {illeg} two or three {sic}/ for t{illeg}|w|o or three years to coyn the forreign moneys now in Ireland into shillings & sixpences is only desired, {illeg}\English moneys be only desired I do not/ I do not see that such a c{illeg}|o|ynage (if it stop there) would prejudice the Trade of England or the Mint in the Tower.|5| \I beleive {sic} the same money under all the same laws would be best for most nations./ But the Question whether a \new/ Mint shall be erected tho but for a year or two depends \most/ upon some considerations which \&/ the \other/ Officers of the Mint reccon above {illeg}|th|e{illeg}|m| judgments, & therefore about entirety to ye wisdome of {o}r superiors\& {illeg} wch they \{then}/ suspect have may be danger\makes us cautious\{illeg}/ & afraid of danger/./

All wch is humbly submitted

Is. New{ton}

|Such| A new mint would be apt \inclinable/ to irregulat|r|ities, & bad accompts & {illeg}igh {illeg} up might increase the number of fals coyners

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