Acct of the Recoynage


Charge pd wtsdgr
Publick Bullion Imported by the Bank – – 104357405
Bullion Imported by Merchants – – – – 14801420
Supplee Bought and Entered in the Books – – 1295122
Discharge ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
pd wtsdg
Mr Scott Accounted for in Coyned money – – 10416510130
Bullion Charged on the monies which they allow in pairt of their payments – – –} 203000019
Remains of Bullion lying by Mr Scott at g{illeg}ing in his abreviat which is to be delivered to Mr Allardes} 319122
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
pd wt
The whole Bullion Imported as above – – – 10463491623
The Bullion Accomted for as above – – 1044008521
Deficiency by Waste as ꝑ Mint Books & abreviat 2341112
~ ~~ ~ ~~
pd wt
Bullion Controverted in Mr Scot {sic}s Custody – – 140000
Of which to be delivered to Mr Allardes as ꝑ the above Accott of Discharge – – –} 319122
The Remains Controverted is – – – 1082722
~~~ ~~~ ~~
pd wt
Deficiency by Waste ꝑ Mint bokos & abrevt as above 2341112
If the Controverted Bullion should be delivered to Mr Allardes 1082722
In that {Caice} there will be only Wasted on the whole 1251134
~ ~– – – –– –

The Question is whether upon such a Recoynage a Waste of 234pd 1 11 2 be Rationall

Or if it can be though that the Waste can only amount to 125pd 11 3 4 which is Humbly submitted to your Iugement


Edinbr 28 August 1712

Much Honored


I am favoured with a letter from Mr Fauquier of the 23d And am Extreamly ash{illeg}|a|med I should have given you So much trouble through inadvertency for which I humbly beg pardon I perceive in the Accott of the Recoynage last sent I have set down 104200 pd in place of 104400 And as to the 140 pd of Bullion in my brothers Custodie there is 31{p}d 9 12dwt 2g Really belongs to \Mr/ Allardes And the Remainder which is 108pd 2 7 22g what is controverted Now I trouble you to peruse the full abstract which I have done out to a very graine according to the Mint books and Abbreviat given in by my brother at finishing the Recoÿnage and after the sweep was 3 tymes searched Mr Allardes friends make debate only because only my brother had more dis{silver} lying by him then Mr Allardes can demand by the state of th{e accounts} I humbly intreat your Opinion in the matter and refer to my last {letter} consider the quantity refined and other Reasons which necessarly occasion a Waste I am with all duty full Respect

Much Honored


Yor most Humble & most

Obedient Servant

Hercules Scott


The Much Honored

Sir Isaack Newton
at his logeing in St Martin=Stre{et}
near Leycester-field


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