Bullion Ballances resting by those Who were Recrs. & Collectrs. At the Pots proceeding the 1st. May 1707.

March. 2d. Scots.
1710. £sd
By Iames Houston 1926.6.7
By Sr. Ion. Swinton 1562.10.1
By Archd. Montgomerie 1435.11.0
By Iohn Bethune 925.2.6
By Capt. William Baillie 2781.7.9
By Iames Baillie 2502.7.
By Sr. Robrt Anstrother 65.19.0
By David Sutherland 1495.0.2
By Mex Seton 43.10.
By Ion. Elliot 36.4.6
By Kenneth Vrquart 33.11.4
By Dundass of Breastmilne 217.10.6
By Provost Muire 1576.15.7
By Provost Cunninghame 217.5.10 Ster.
By Mr. Wm Fullarton 9.9.8 £sd
14828.11.6 1235.14.32
By Mr Will. Spance Late Recr. of the Bullion } 151.2.2
£ 1386.16.52

|N.| The Barrons of the Excheqr. have drawn an Order on Mr. Douglas the Recr. Dated ye. 16. Febr. 1710. To pay £1500. Out of the Bullion Money to Mr. Scott. To Accompt of the Late Mr {Worker} of the Mint, Whereas there is only in his hands, at Present but £1254. 7. 11.

The Totall of the Sum craved by the Master from the Goverment {sic} to his {Order} to his {sic} Accompts and the Articles thereof that are uncontraverted, And his Allowanc{e} upon the pound Weight being Stated ye same as In
England is £10887.7.8.Str.
Money he is Charged with as Recd by him is } 5{illeg}|125|.
So the Ballance Due is £ 5762.7.8.
Of which the Barons of the Exchqr. have given Wart. for paying what the Master Owes to ye Bank } 1500.
Ballance still resting to the Master Vncontraverted } £ 4262.7.8.
Seperate & over and above the Monyrs. Claime

Accot. of Rests of Bullion

also. A

State of the Master of the Mint In Edenburg his Accot.

March 2d. 1710.

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