Allardes. August the 9th. 1709.

Honoured Sir

I thought to have troubled You before this with a double of My Accompts for the Recoinage; but of late I have been valitudinary, my old indisposition of vomiting blood having recurred upon me: but, blessed be God, it has for the time abated, tho' it has brought me very low: I am now making them up, and shall transmit them to You as soon as possible; for I resolve to apply for My payment with all diligence against our next Excheqr. terms, having got no more money Imprest to me than what I wrote You last.

And now understanding That on my present indisposition severals have been looking upon my Post: I by this take occasion to let You know that I have been speaking with the E: of Seafield, and others of my Friends if it might not be secured to My son in case of My decease: He is now in the 17th. year of his age, and we think his minority may be no scruple, since he may be oblig'd to act by a sufficient Depute, and it may be thought hard to give it to any other so long as I or my Heirs may be unpaid: His Lop. has promised me all the Interest he can make, and as I have had Your favour and Friendship on all former occasions, I must also beg leave to solicite the same in this; and I have no doubt yor. Interest and concurrence with his Lop's. will get it effectuate. <36v> I renew my hearty thanks for Your former kindnesses. I depend upon Your good Offices in this new demand, and praying the Lord to reward You for all, and expecting Your favourable answer I am

Honoured Sir

Your most obliged humble Servt

GEO. Allardese


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