Memoriall from George Allardes Master of Her Majties Mint att Edinburgh

To the honorable Sir Isaac Newton

The Recoinage in Scotland being now brought to an End, & the Moneyers sent down from her Majties Mint in the Tower being desirous of Leave to return home; Mr Allardes craves liberty to ask Sir Isaac Newtons advice what is proper for him to do in the mater, Since two of them Mr Hopper and Mr Sutton wer sent down since the first Commission upon ye death of Seabrock, and that the Queen and Lord high Thesaurers orders to ye other two Mr Collard and Mr Halley was to stay in Scotland while they had the Thesaurers Leave to return. As to which Mr Allardes is very willing they be recalled whenever the Lord High Thesaurer thinks proper, Since it may be a Charge to keep them longer here {a}|A|nd what further bullion may be brought in for coinage may be done by the Old Servants here.

Mr Allardes likewise represents that the fond for the Coinage in Scotland will not only be found very far deficient to Satisfie the Charges of the Recoinage Tho it wer all brought in, But that it will even be a Considerable time befor what is lying out and due of that fond can be recovered from the Collectors and others liable for it, which is a loss to Mr Allardes He being obliged to make up the Wast on his own Credit, And it occasions him also to be deficient to the Moneyers In the payment of ye Nine pence pound weight according to their aggreement: Wherfor he begs also advice What he shall do for Satsifying the Moneyers, And to know if the Moneyers may obtain payment at London from the Thesaurer of what Ballance may be due to them Mr Allardes Certifieing the Ballance under his hand.

As to the Moneyers Expences in coming to Scotland and their return home, And the allowance of 3 sh to Each diem when they wer not supplied with work Conform to their Commission These being reserved in ye Commission to be payed by the Lord High Thesaurer in such method as he should appoint, Mr Allardes humbly thinks he cannot interpose in that mater furthe{illeg}|r| than to give a Declaration of the time when the work began and when ended and of the Extent of the Coinage in that time And how long the work was stopd the time of the former Assay Masters death, {Y}|W|hat else may be propper for him to do in this He will walk by Sir Isaacs advice

He prays also to be advised in what method he shall apply for the triall of ye Pix And to know If the Queen accompts to him both for the Pix and Assay peeces Since ther is a Considerable loss upon the Assay, For which end he has preserved all the assay peeces unmelted till he know If they be to be accompted for, As Some make him beleeve the Queen uses to do, b{e|y|} taking to her self the Pix & Assay peeces and allowing the Value to ye Master

He prayes likewise to be directed in what manner he is to apply for having allowance in his accompts of ye 9th penny paid ye Moneyrs Lib weight It being a penny more than is allowed by the Indenture of the Tower.

Also what allowance he shall crave or state in his accompts for the Miln horses and their maintainance and Servants And for furnishing Rollers Upholding the files, cutters and tumblers or the Seising or Iusting peeces, fire for the nealing and blenching offices and for the moneyers room and Candles, allon and other necessaries to the moneyers. If on these accounts he ought not to be allowed So much upon the pound weight of the Coinage. Without being obliged to give in particulars which may be impracticable

He desires further to know In what method to state the Refining And what allowance to crave per Lib weight, The money\silver/ being returned of different fineness, Sometimes at 15, Sometimes at 13 Sometimes only 10 or 8 pr

He begs also to be informed if on the Recoinage in England Any {gratificaon} was given by the Government to the Officers Clerks and Servants for their extraordinary trouble, And if ther be any Encouragement to apply for the like, In what method it shall be Done [1] <177v> Ther being no allowance for maintainance of melters or L{abourer}s in this Mint otherways than when they are supplied with Work And ther being one Iames Sheelds a Melter here and very well Skilld in all the parts of the Coinage having wrought in the Mint these many yeares bygone whom the Officers here would willingly encourage It is earnestly also desired to know If he may not be setled as a servant in this Mint under the name of Purveyer or Such like with £15 Sallary And In what method that may be Effectuated

Memoriall for George Allardes

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