Very Honall

It being represented to us by severall of our merchants and trading people That it would be of importance to them And to this wholl country of North brittain That some small species of money such as two pence, three pence and four pence were coined to be circulat through this part of the kingdome as was formerly in use befor the union

We thought it duty to applye to your Honr for procuring ane allouance to the Generall and other officers of the mint at Edinburgh to coine the forsaid species to the value of Eight thousand pounds and not exceeding the same out of what coinage yet remains to be coined in this part of Great brittain

This will give much satisfactione to our people in generall And will conduce much to their case and conveniency We have many experiences that the Queens Majestie does incline upon all occasions to give tockens of her affectione to <38v> all her subjects And if you will be pleased to represent this matter to her Majestie we make no doubt of her gracious ansuer And your appearing for us will lay perpetuall obligations upon


Your most humble servant.

By warrand of the Committe of

the Royall burrows signed by

Pattr Iohnston, pres{et}

Edinburgh 14 Deceb

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