To the Rt Honble the Lord High Treasurer of great Brit{illeg}|a|in.

May it please yor Lordp

In obedience to your Lordps Order of Reference of the 23th Instant upon the annexed Memorial of the Commissioners Mr Rutherfurd Mr Brown & Mr Bruce, in wch they desire a summ at present in part of the reward for executing their Commission & refer the residue thereof to yor Lordps consideration after the business shall be over: we have considered the same, & their business being to receive the old money of Scotland from the Bank & see the same melted into Ingots & to deliver the Ingots to be coined & receive back the new moneys & keep an account of the whole & certify the deficiency;|(|all wch requires attendance & fidelity,) we humbly propose that they may receive at present, One hundred {illeg}|p|ounds a piece for themselves & sixty pounds for their Clerk & servants, {a}|i|n all 360li, to be paid out of the same fund out of wch Mr Allardes is paid for melting the money into Ingots in their presence.

All wch is most humbly su{illeg}|b|mitted to yor Lordps great



Isaac N{ewton}

[1] London.
30 Iun: 1708.

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