To the R. H. the E of G. Ld H. Tr. of great Br.

May it pl yor Lp

In obedience to yor Lps Order \signified/ to {illeg}|u|s by Mr Taylour ye 28th of this Istant {sic}, that we should consider ye matter in an abstract of a memorial wch yor Lop has recd from Scotland relating to ye Mint & recoynage of ye Moneys there & report to yor Lp or opinion what is fit to be done therein we humbly represent that all the things wch were desired in the\a/ Schedule & letter formerly sent from ye Mint in Scotland were provided & some\the last/ of them sent {on} a ship wch arived at Edinbugh in Iuly & the rest put on board another ship \ five or/ six weeks ago & that the Moneyers \wch were/ sent from hence to Edinburgh upon their arrival there tak{e|i|}ng a survey of that Mint \as we kept informed/ & finding some things still wanting\shipt off five or six weeks ago & that upon a new survey of that Mint made by the Moneyers sent down from hence/ a new schedule was\being/ drawn up of what they further wanted & copies thereof sent hither & that\by Dr Greg./ the Master & Worker of this Mint [leaving it to {sic}\at the instance of/Sr David Nairn to move yor Lp for a general Order for providing \& sending/ the things desired] gave order immediately for providing the same with all dispatch that no time might be lost. And we further represent that in ye said new Schedule besides the cutters mentioned in the said Abstract there are two flatting Engins & one sixpenny Press set down \in the new Schedule/ as wanting for the use of ye Moneyers: all wch tools since they are not yet in that Mint we humbly conceive necessary to be sent from hence, & they are preparing & will cost about 120li sterling. And we represent that the Puncheons for the crowns & half crowns were made, but failed in the hardning & new ones are making; & that in ye said {illeg} Schedule the Assaymaster desires a new Assay-ballance & the Graver desires Puncheons for the small arms & letters & they are providing: and that, if your Lordp pleases, all these things shall sent\be delivered to Sr David Nairn or his Order to be sent by land carriage for expedition as {sic}/ as soon as they can be got ready, wch we reccon will be before the 10th of the next month, excepting the Puncheons.

And we are further humbly of Opinion that Order be given for paying to the proper Officer of that Mint & by that Officer to the persons imployed in the meltings & coynage such sums of moneys as are necessary for> shall from time to time become due to them upon contract for that service & that the Officers of that Mint do lay before their superiors to be transmitted to yor Lordp to propo what is fit to be done in that kind & after what manner suitably to the contracts made & to the present \occasion &/ constitution of that Mint.

All which &c

that \all/ {if} things formerly desired were provided & ye lat of them ships of 5 or 6 weeks since. That

And we further humbly represent that the Officers of that Mint {r|m|}ai|y|{illeg} allowed \by their/ to coyn shillings & sixpences \as they desire/ till the Puncheons & Dyes can be got ready for Crowns & half crowns & by their\her Mats/ Warrant are obliged only to make up {illeg}|th|e proportions therein expressed at {all}any time before the end of this coynage.

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