A State of the Gold and Silver Species of Holland compared with the Standard of Gold and Silver of England in which is to be Noted ye policy of the States of Holland is to keep up a Certain Standard goodness in the Species of money called Bank money Whereby they make their Exchange with all parts of the World tho' their Current money passing By Permission of the States, is not sometimes owrth 23d of the Intrinsick, The Bank Coyns, are 3 Vizt Gold Ducats, Silver Duccatoons, & Silver Bank Dollars.

FlorinsStyvers Styvers dwgr Cartsgr ozdw oz
{ Ducatt passes for 5 or { 100 } Weight 2:6 and is 23:2 or 11:15 fineto 12 Standard
The Duccatoon 3 60 20:21: 11:7 to 12
Doller 210 50 18:12: 10:14 to 12
200 Duccats of Gold at 5 florins Bank is 1000florins Weigh 22oz:10dw of 23Car:2gr is Standd 24oz:18dw:20gr
333 Duccatoons 40 Stivers 23 florins is 1000 348:5.5 227dwt {illeg}d 356:2:
of Silver
400 Dollers of do 2 flo 10 Stivers is 1000 370 214 356:13

Of the Dollers there are few Coyned.

24:18:10 Ducats Standd At £4ꝑ ozis £99:15:4 } So that ye same Gold that passes in Holland for 1000 florins will yield here more then the silver 734 ꝑ Cent.
356:2: Ductoons Silver £0:5:2ꝑ oz £91:17:6
356:13 Dollers do £ dodo £ 925

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