A List or Schedule of the Vouchers
of the Account of Isaac Newton Esqr. Late Warden
of his Majestie's Mint In the Tower.

5343.15. Three fee Books containing the sallaries of the several
officers and clercks payable. by the Warden From Lady-
day 1696. to christmass 1696|9|. being three years & three quarters
195.–. Several Receipts of Christopher Ellis ye. Additional
clerck being For three years & 14 making In all £195.
4709.6. Two Bills and Receipts o{d}|f| Daniel Brand
Carpenter For work done in the Mint. 4709li. 6s. –
2223.13. Two Bills and Acquittances of Robert Fisch
Bricklayer For work done in the Mint 2223li. 13s. –
1621.8. Several Bills of Edwd., Iohn, and Thomas
Silvester Smiths being tacked together. 1621. 8. –
916.0.0. Several Bills of Gostwick Cox plummed
tacked together making In all 916li. –.
364.2.0 Two Bills of Thomas Brettle Glasier amounting
together to 364li. 2s. –
665.16.6. Two Bills of Anne Buscher Masson
amounting together to 665. 16s. 6.
442.2. Two Bills of Anne Cooper alias Rymill
painter being for 442li. 2s.
1641.12. Two Bills of Anthony Ivatt Ioyner
making together 1641li. 2s. –
200.0.0. A Bill of Wm. Baskerville Late Plummer
of the Mint, paid to Iohn Holding administrator
to the sd. Wm. Baskerville For £200. –.
32.0.0 Thomas Fisch Weigher and Teller For Two years
rent of his house One debenture.
52.10.0. George Evans Esqr. Surveyor of the Meltings
For three years and 34. rent of his house by Fifteen
debentures being 3li. 10s each.
30.–. Christopher Gardiner For two years Rent of a
house where the Smith Lived by two debentures.
26.5. Thomas Hall Esqr. For one year & 34 rent of his
house where Th. Silvester Lives two debentures.
37.10. Richd. Dallowe For three years and 34 attendance
about the office of the Mint Fifteen debentures. 2li. 10s.
73.12. Wm. Peason Collyer For see coales four debentures
17.0.6 Cornelius Woolley Tallow Chandler three debentures.
23.18. Anna Young Vpholsterer two debentures.
4.10. Thomas Ienkins for Brooms five debentures.
49.15.8. Iames Smith For keeping and repairing the lampes
and providing Oyle For the same Nine debentures.
50.17.7. Richd. Dallowe for Postadge of Letters from the
Country Mints four debentures.
10.0.0 Anthony Ivatt for a {sircetore} one debenture
32.12.6 Iohn Franc fauquier for several disbursements
by two debentures.
14.7.0. Richd. Fansum Riding post to chester one debenture
7.0.0. Benj. Collyer For a dyall one debenture.
2.15.0 Thomas Pendleton Going to Stifford.
9.10.0. Samuell Etherington For candlesticks one debenture
1.10.10. Thomas Loveday For several things one debenture.
34.3.7. The Drapers and Taylor's Bills For the Watermen
Liveries eight debentures.
59.10.0. Thomas WalFord For providing Water For the
several offices eleven debentures.
42.15.6. Three debentures of severall carryers.
29.3.0. Richd. Bullock carrying Goods to the Carryers
three debentures.
7.10. Luke Wyatt Lock smith one debenture.
20.0.0. Iames Courthop clerck to the parliamt. one debenture
60.0.0. Francis Berisford For repairing the
Comptroller's house one debenture.
9.–. Natth: Blyton executor of Nath. Fox one debenture
40.14. Thomas Silvester For several Tools one Bill.
220.12.10. Hannah Briggs For Dyett on the Warden's side
eight debentures.
13.10. Iames Bateman For repairing & making new Barrowes.
9.7. Danll. B{illeg}|r|attle Esqr. For things For the country Mints.
5.–. Phillipp Dallow For his attendance.
684.13. William Nicolls scavenger For carrying Dung and
Rubbish three several Bills and acquittances.
529.4. Charles Rawson stationer For stationary Wares
to 31st. Decembr. 1699. {b}|T|wo Bills.
757.9.6 Iohn Snart Scalemaker Three Bills.
331.14.6 Iohn Wilkinson Pavier Two Bills.
654.15.6. Iohn Hawkes Millwright For making new Mills
and repairing the old ones Two Bills.
13.3. Iohn Pollard Wyreman Two Bills.
100.–. Iohn Braint Eng{e}|i|neer For several Tools One Bill.
2.–. Ditto For Locks and Keys paid F|b|y him one debenture
7.4. Iohn Ryalles For Masson Work one Bill.
60.–. The Lady doreas Ashfield For an old Bill due
to the Late Comptroller her Father For Candles
and old Iron &c.

Iune the 12th. 1700

Received the severall Vouchers above mncond unto Mr Auditor Done's Office I say for Mr Auditor Done

ꝑ Ia Moody.

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