You shall not reveal or discover to any persons or persons whatsoever the new Invention of rounding {illeg}|the| moneys {or}|&| marking the edges of them with Letters of Grainings or either of them directly or indirectly unless his Maty his Heirs or successors shall otherwise command {or}|&| direct the same. So help you God.

This is a true copy of the Oath to be administred to the principal Officers of the Mint before the Ld H. Treasurer or Lds Commers of the Treasury for the time being, by vertue of a clause in the Indenture of the Mint

Rich Sandford

Is. Newton

|Sr| Richard Sandford Bart Warden of his Mats: Mint took the said Oath before the Earl of Hallifax Sr Richd Onslow Sr Wm St Quintin & Mr Wortley Comrs of his Mats Treasury on the 30th of March 1715

Wm Lowndes

Martin Bladen Esqr Comptroller of ye said Mint took the same Oath before ye same Commrs on ye same day.

Wm Lowndes


30th. March 1715.

Sr. Richd. Sandford Bart. Warden of his Majts. Mint & Martin Bladen Esqr Comptroller to the same sworn before the Lords Commissrs. of the Treasury.

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