To the Right Honble: the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer Lord high Treasurer of Great Britain.

May it please yor. Lordp.

The Office of Gravers of the Mint being constituted by a Warrant under the broad seal dated April 7th. in the fourth year of her Majties. Reign, whereby for the advantage & safety of the Mint with respect to the Coin, Iohn Croker, Gent. is appointed head Graver with a salary of 200li ꝑ ann., & Samuel Bull & Gabriel le Clerk Gent. were made assistants to the cheif {sic} Graver, each with a salary of 80li per an, & upon the voidance of either of the said assistant's places the same was to be filled up with such Probationer or Apprentice as should be presented to her Majtie: by the Warden, Master & Worker & Comptroller of the Mint, by Warrant under the Signe manual: We humbly represent to Yor. Lordp. that the place of the said Gabriel le Clerk became void about two Years & an half ago, & thereupon one Francis Beresford hath been learning about two Years under the said Mr. Croker to designe in order to learne the art of Graveing & is approved by the said Mr Croker as well qualified in point of Genius & industry to make a good workman: For which end we humbly pray yor. Lordp. that out of the said vacant 80li. per an. an Allowance may be settled upon the said Francis Beresford for binding him an Apprentice to the said Mr Croker for six Years. And we humbly propose an Allowance of 35li per an

All which is most humbly submitted to

yor. Lordps. great Wisdome


C. Peyton

Is. Newton

[1] Mint Office
12 Sept. 1711

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