Anne by the Grace of God of England, Scotland France and Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith &c To all to whom these presents shall come greeting Know ye that wee of Our Especial Grace certain Knowledge and meer Motion have given and granted and do by these presents Constitute Ordaine appoint and grant that Our Trusty and Well beloved Henry Harris Gentleman During Our Pleasure shall have full power and Authority by himself and his Workmen to make Frame and Engrave the designes and Effigies of the Images of us in such sizes and formes as are to serve in all sorts of Coyns of Gold and Silver together with all Medals of all sorts and Mettals representing the Effigies of us, as also all other Coyned pieces of the nature aforesaid that may Convey to Posterity any Marke or Character of prosperous or Worthy successes or Accidents or great Actions, and to the end the said Henry Harris may have and enjoy such benefit or proffit as shall or may arise come or accrew by the use of the said Medals Our Will and Pleasure is and we do by these presents strictly charge prohibit and Command all and every person or persons whatsoever of what Estate degr{illeg}|e|e or Condition soever they or any of them be or shall be that none of them other then the said Henry Harris or his Assigns without Our especiall and express Commandment, Attempt presume or go about to make frame and Engrave, or to Counterfeit, imitate, cast, melt, sell or sett to sale any of the said Medals whatsoeve{illeg}|r|, which by the said Henry Harris shall be Framed, made or perfected in any sort upon such paines and penalties <161v> as by the Law and Statutes of this Our Realm or by Our Prerogative Royall can or may be inflicted upon the Offenders for their Contempt and breach of Our Royall Commandment in that behalf And Wee do by these presents give and grant unto the said Henry Harris full power Licence Priviledge and Authority to have in his Custody the sole Keeping of such Engines Instruments and devices whatsoever to be used in the Framing of the said Medals Pieces or Coynes And Know ye further that we Weighing the service to be performed in the Execution of the premises Do hereby declare and grant that the said Henry Harris shall have and Receive For the Exercise and Execution of the said Service and place of making of the first designs of us belonging to Our Mint, and Medals of all sorts as aforesaid the Fee Allowance, and yearly sum of Three Hundred Twenty give pounds of Lawfull Mony of England during Our Pleasure; the first Payment of the said Three Hundred Twenty five pounds per Annum to be made for the Quarter to end at the Feast of St. Michael the Archangell next ensuing the Date hereof, and the subsequent Payments Quarterly by Equal portions from time to time as they shall incurr by the hands of the Master and Worker of Our Mint now and for the time being And wee do hereby require and Command the Master and Worker of Our Mint now and for the time being to pay the same accordingly out of such Mony as shall from time to time be in his hands for that purpose, and these presents at the Inrollment thereof shall be a sufficient Warrant to the Auditors of the Mint for allowing <162r> such Payments upon account In Witness whereof we have caused these our Letter to be made Patents, Witness Our selves at Westminster the six and Twentieth day of September in the first year of Our Reign

Per Breve de privato sigillo


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