To the Rt Honble. the Lords Commrs of his
Maties Treasury

The humble Petition of Phillip Shales


That your Peticoner has had the Honour of of {sic} serving his Majesty in severall Capacity's in his revenue and was Comptroller of the Farthing Office to the expiracon of that contract And (as he humbly conceives) hath acquitted himself at all times in discharge of his trust with great diligence & fidelity

That Mr Thomas Fitch Weigher & Teller of his Maties Mint being lately dead whereby the said Office is become void and in your Lordshipps disposall Your Peticner himself prays your Lordsps will be pleased to Conferr the said Employment upon him.

And your Peticoner shall ever pray &c


To the Rt Honble the Lds. Comrs of his Majties Treasury

The humble Petion of Charles Brattell of the Tower of London Gent


That your Peticonr being credibly informed that Mr Thomas Fitch the Weigher and Teller of his Majties Mint in the server is dead, and your Peticonr being the second son of Sr. Iohn Brattell who was Assay Master from the year 1660 to the year 1692 when he died, and your Peticoner since being Employ'd in the Mint, dureing the late great coynage as Cheife {sic} Agent in inspecting the old, and weighing and telling the new money, and your Peticonr haveing faithfully discharged his duty and Trust therein to the satisfaction of the principall Officers of his Majties said Mint, who well know yor Peticonrs behaviour in the said Affaire

Your Peticoner therefore humbly prays your Lordsps. that the place of the said mr Fitch being now become vacant yor. Lordsps would be pleased to recommend your Peticoner to his Maties. Favour for the same

And your Peticoner shall ever pray &c

Charles Brattell


To the Rt Honble the Lords Comrs. of his Majties Treasury

The humble Peticon

of George Foord.


That your Peticonr hath served for above a year and half in the Employment of Deputy to the Warden of the Mint in the Tower of London, during wch time he has Constantly lived there and attended the Business of his place wth great care & diligence; for the truth of wch he referrs himself to the Principall officers of his Maties Mint.

That the Employment of Weigher and Teller is now become vacant by the death of Mr Fitch, with a salary of Ninety Pounds a year, wch is a place of great trust and requires skill and knowledge in the business of the Mint.

May it therefore please your Lordpps in Consideration of your Petrs. care and Faithfull service to grant him the said Office of Weigher and Teller, Or to recommend him to his Majtie for the same

And you Peticonr shall ever pray &c


To the Rt. Honble. the Lords Comrs. of his Maties. Treasury

The humble Peticon of Tho: Edwards


That the Office of Weigher and Teller to his Maties Mint is now vacant by the death of Mr Fitch and being in the disposall of your Lordships, your Peticoner does humbly pray that your Lordships would be pleased to bestow the said Office, upon him it being a place of great trust & concern, And your Peticoner being resolved {sic}if your Lordps shall think fit to dispose of it in his favour to discharge the trust you shall upon in him with the greatest diligence and fidelity.

And yor Peticonr shall ever pray &c

Referr all the Petions the Master Warden and Comptroller of the Mint to Examine ye respective qualificacons of the Peticon & report the same to to {sic} my Lords.

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