To the Rt Honoble: the Lords Com̄issirs:
of his Majtys: Treasury.

The humble Memoriall of Ionathan

Ambrosse Melter to his Majtys: Mint

in the Tower.


That tho he hath made an Agreemt: wth: Yor: Lordsps for Melting and refineing of the Silver proceeding from ye: Clipt money, Yet he is at A Loss for the plate brough\t/ into his Majtys Mint & there Coyned since the Fourth of May last of wch: Thirteen Thousand Three hundred Forty Nine Pounds wet: hath been Already melted by him ino Ingotts and cannot be done under 1d: 12 ꝑ pound weight & the refineing thereof at the Rate he hath for the Clipt Money Amounts to no Less than One hundred & Fifty Pounds Steerl: and whereas the Indentures by wch: all this is Coyned makes no manner of Provision for this melting nor Refineing & there is probabillity of A farr greater quantity comeing into the Mint to be coyn'd

The said Melter humbly Prayes Yor: Lordspps. will please to take the same into Yor: Considera\tion/ and to Order or direct what he shall be paid for Melting the said Plate into Ingotts (wch: \is/ exceeding troublesom and three times the Charge & Expence that there is in a Melting any other Silver) and for refineing the Melted Silver to make it fitt for Coyning and out of what Money he shall be paid the Same.


Coppy of it {Ap} Ambrose Memoriall Aug 1696

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