|M| Extract our fo the Indenture {illeg}|o|f the {illeg} the Mint made the Eighth\second/ day of {illeg}|April| in the {illeg}|first| yeare of the Reign of the late King Charges the second\Kg Willm. & Queen Mary/ between the said late King \Willm. & Qu Mary/ on the one part and {Henry Slinges}|Thomas Neale|{by} Esqr on the other part
|Extract out of the Indre of the Mynt made between their Majties: King Willm & Queen Mary on the one part & Tho: Neale Esqr on the other part being date ye second day of aprill in the first year of their Majties. Reign|

24. That every pound weight Troy of all the Monies of Gold shall hold in Number and be in value 44l. 10s.
|The pound weight of Crown gold Monies is 44li. 10s.|
25: And shall be in Finenesse at the tryal of the same 22 Karrets of Fine Gold, and two Karrets of Allay in every pound weight Troy.
26. The which the King \{&} Queen/ ordaine{th} to be the Right Standard of |t|his|ei||r| Mats Monies of Crown Gold
Standard of Crown Gold Monies 22 Karrets.
29. But because the Monies may be found sometimes too stronge or too Feeble. The King \& Queene/ ordaineth {sic} that when the said Money of Gold shall be found at the assay before the deliverance too strong or too feeble in weight or in finenesse or in both the 16 ꝑt of a Karret (the which 16 ꝑt shall be called Remedy for the Master) then that money shall be delivered for good so alwayes that the same happen by Casualtie, otherwise not
The Remedie of Crown Gold Monies the 16 of a Karrett or 40 Graines
30. But fi default be found in the same money in weight or in Fineness or in both over the 16 ꝑt of a Karret which is called remedie as aforesaid then cease the deliverance and that money to be \new/ molten and recoyned at the Cost of the Master
32. Every pound weight of Silver Monies to be 3l. 2s and shall be in Fineness at the tryall Eleaven Ounces two penny weight of Fine Silver and Eighteen penny weight of Allay
The pound weight of Silver Monies is 3l. 2s.
34. which 11oz. 2dwt. of Fine silver and {illeg}|1|8dwt of Allay in the pound weight of Tr{illeg}|o|y aforesaid is the old Right standard of the Monies of Silver of England
Standard of Silver monies 11oz 2dwt:
35. The master to make all the Monies of Crown Gold and of standard Silver in Fineness to the respective indented tryall pieces
40. When the Monies of Silver upon the Assay before the delivery be found to strong or too Feeble in weight or in Fineness or in both by 7dwt: in the Lwt Troy aforesaid after the old {Conpatiton} of 20dwt in the ounce and no more (The which 7dwt. in the one or the other or in both shall be called Remedie for the Master) that then such Monies to be delivered for Good Soe always the same default doe happen by Casualtie or otherwise not.
Remedie upon the the Lwt. of Silver Monies 7dwt.
41. But if default be found in the said Monies in weight or in Finenesse or in both over the said 7dwt. in the Lwt aforesaid then cease the deliverance and the Money to be new Molten and recoyned at the Cost of the Master
51|2|. After the Monies be assayed and proved before any deliverance be of the whole sume, A portion of the whole shall be taken and put into a Box by the warden in the presence of the Master and Comptroller
53. The box to be shut with three Keyes, one to remaine with the warden one with the Master and the third with the Comptroller
54. The Box upon reasonable warning to be opened before the Lords of the Councill in presence of the warden Master and Comptroller, and Assayes to be made as well of the Finenesse as of the weight of the said Monies of Gold and Silver withe said Pix \or box/ after the most Iust manner as can be thought to be made by Fire by water by Touch or by weight or by all or by any of them
55. To this end That is the said Monies of Gold and Silver be found and proved good and Covenable after Covenants aforesaid The Said Master to be quit, excused and discharged against the|ir| King\Majesties/ and |t|his|eir| People to that day
57 And if it be found that the £wt answereth not the full standard in fineness but shall be worse and yet with in the Remedies \as/ aforesaid The Lack thereof shall be entred of Record by the warden and Comptroller or such as they shall appoint and a true Coppy accot thereof shall be made to the|ir| King\Majties/ and the same fully and wholly to be answered to his\their/ Matie|s|
59 Saueinge always That in case by the said Assayers It shall be found that the same Money be better in Finenesse or in weight or in both then is appointed by the standards and yet within the Remedies then soe much thereof to be entred upon Record and hold place to the said Master in the Charges which hee shall have when any Lack shall be found by the said Assay under the standard aforesaid.
60. If it shall happen any default be found without the said Remedies ordained for the said Master as is abovesaid or any of them The said Master shall make Fine and Ransome to our Soveraigne Lord \and Lady/ the King \& queen/ at |t|his|eir| will|s|.

Extracts Out of the Indenture of the Mint.

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