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'The Case of Kings College'

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Keynes Ms. 117, King's College, Cambridge, UK

Newton Catalogue ID: THEM00019


An Account of King's College's Recovery of their Right to chuse their own Provost

Author: John Reynolds

Source: Keynes Ms. 117a, King's College, Cambridge, UK

Newton Catalogue ID: THEM00020


Extract from Thomas Fuller's 'History of the University of Cambridge'

Author: Thomas Fuller

Source: Keynes Ms. 120, King's College, Cambridge, UK

Newton Catalogue ID: THEM00023


Newton's history of the relations between Crown and provostship since the foundation of King's College in 1441, concluding that the position was in the power of the monarch to grant.

[2] 4 pp.


in English


Not in Newton's hand.


An incomplete copy of the account produced by John Reynolds fifteen years or more after Newton's 1689 attempt to secure the provostship of King's.

[6] 2 pp.


in English


Taken from Fuller's Church History of Great Britain (London, 1655).


Part of the material assembled by Newton in connection with his 1689 bid for the provostship of King's College, Cambridge (see Westfall, Never At Rest, 480-81). Concerns Edward IV effectively blackmailing King's College into acknowledging him as its founder.

[10] 1 p.


in English

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