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Thirteen Drafts of 'Of the King who doth according to his will, & honours Mahuzzim, & regardeth not the God of his fathers nor the desire of weomen' (section 7.1n)

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 7.1n, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

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Custodial History

SL245, described in the Sotheby catalogue as c. 300,000 words on 975 pp., was bought at the Sotheby sale by Gabriel Wells for £48 and sold to Yahuda on 1 Aug. 1936 for the sale price plus 15%. On 24 May 1949, Yahuda wrote to the London dealer Heinrich Eisemann, 'As to lot 245 the new arrangement and replacement of the pages resulted in 1,530 pages instead of 975 pages as many pages had to be taken out from other lots. But for this manuscript I have a customer who wants to pay a much higher price than $3,800 suggested by you.' If this was true, the prospective buyer's desire to part with his or her cash presumably waned. There must subsequently have been further reordering of the manuscript as the present Yahuda Ms. 7 amounts to nowhere near 1,530 pp.

Sotheby Lot

SL245 + ?

[Editorial Note 1] Folio 4r is blank.

[Editorial Note 2] The text on this page is written upside down.

[1] Heb. 5.12, 13 & 6.1, 2.

[2] a Homo animosus parit lites, et vir iracundus exaggerat peccata. Lites enim et dissentiones quantas [Stephane] parasti per ecclesias totius mundi? Peccatum vero quam magnum tibi exaggerasti quando te a tot gregibus scidisti? Excidisti enim teipsum: noli te fallere siquidem ille est vere schismaticus qui se a communione ecclesiasticæ unitatis apostatam fecit. Dum enim putas omnes a te abstinere posse; solum te ab omnibus abstinuisti. Hæc Firmilianes in Epistola sua ad Cyprianum, inter opera Cypriani impressa Epist LXXV pag. 163. Edit. Rigaltij.


b Quod si aliquis illud opponat, ut dicat eandem Novatianum legem tenere, quam Catholica Ecclesia teneat, eodem symbolo quo et nos, baptizare; eundem nosse Deum patrem, eundem filium Christum eundem spiritum sanctum; ac propter hoc usurpare eum potestatem baptizandi posse quod videatur in interrogatione baptismi a nobis non discrepare: sciat quisquis hoc opponendum putat, primum non esse unam nobis et schismaticis symboli legem, neque eandem interrogationem. Nam cum dicunt: Credis remissionem peccatorum & vitam æternam per sanctam ecclesiam, mentiuntur in interrogatione, quando non habeant Ecclesiam. Tunc deinde voce sua ipsi confitentur remissionem peccatorum non dari nisi per sanctam Ecclesiam posse: quam non habentes ostendunt remitti illic peccata non posse. Hæ Cyprianus in Epistola sua ad Magnum Epist L.XXVI. pag. 170. And hence I seem to gather that in opposition to the baptism administred by Hereticks the Churches of Afric in the third Century inserted into their Creed this Article: I beleive in the remission of sins & life everlasting through the holy Church. & that this Article was afterwards divided by the Latins into the three Articles: I beleive in the holy catholick Church, the remission of sins, & life everlasting.

[Editorial Note 3] The text on this page is written upside down.

[4] a Tertull. de Corona militis p. 121.

[5] Lib. 4. c. 28, 29.

[6] In vita Constantini, l. 4, c. 28.

[7] Epist. 10.

[8] L. 32, de Episcopis.

[9] Euseb.E. Hist. l. 4. c. 28, 29.

[10] In vita Contantini, l. 4. c. 28.

[11] Epist 10

[12] L. 32 de Episcopis.

[Editorial Note 4] Folio 14r is blank.

[Editorial Note 5] The following paragraph is written upside down at the foot of the page.

[Editorial Note 6] The following paragraph is written up the left margin.

[Editorial Note 7] The remainder of the text on this page is written upside down.

[Editorial Note 8] The text on this page is written upside down.

[Editorial Note 9] Folio 22 is blank.

[Editorial Note 10] Folio 24r is blank.

[Editorial Note 11] The remainder of the text on this page is written upside down.

[13] Eccl. Hist. l. 4. c. 28, 29.

[Editorial Note 12] Folio 26r is blank.

[Editorial Note 13] The text on this page is written upside down.

[Editorial Note 14] Folio 28r is blank.

[Editorial Note 15] The remainder of the text on this page is written upside down.

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