Catalogue Entry: THEM00388

Five Drafts of 'Chap. VIII A further explication of the four Empires' (section 7.1j)

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 7.1j, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

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Custodial History

SL245, described in the Sotheby catalogue as c. 300,000 words on 975 pp., was bought at the Sotheby sale by Gabriel Wells for £48 and sold to Yahuda on 1 Aug. 1936 for the sale price plus 15%. On 24 May 1949, Yahuda wrote to the London dealer Heinrich Eisemann, 'As to lot 245 the new arrangement and replacement of the pages resulted in 1,530 pages instead of 975 pages as many pages had to be taken out from other lots. But for this manuscript I have a customer who wants to pay a much higher price than $3,800 suggested by you.' If this was true, the prospective buyer's desire to part with his or her cash presumably waned. There must subsequently have been further reordering of the manuscript as the present Yahuda Ms. 7 amounts to nowhere near 1,530 pp.

Sotheby Lot

SL245 + ?

[1] See Isa. 8.8 & Ier. 48.40 & 49.22

[2] Hosea. 3.4

[3] 1 Tim. 4.

[4] Isa. 1.6.

[5] Deut 28.12, 44.

[6] Isa. 9.14, 15. & 19.15.

[7] Dan 8.21, 22 & 11.4.

[8] Hom. 49. s initio

[9] See and compare Reprinted Chronology, p. 356. 357

[Editorial Note 1] Folio 22 is blank.

[10] a. Heb. to seal, i.e. to finish. to consummate a metaphor taken from sealing what is finished So the Iews compute, ad obsigna tam Misna, ad obsignatum Talmud that is, ad absolutum.

[11] b In the Hebrew tis not the prophesy but the Prophet. To seal the Prophet is to bring his days to an accomplishment as Christ said I must walk to day & to morrow & the 3d day I shall be made perfect or con

[12] a For the reign of Artaxerxes began in the end of Summer I.P. 4250.

[13] c Messiah in the Hebrew, Christ in the Greek, & Annointed in the English are words of the same signification. I use the English word that the relation of this clause to the last words of the former may appear.

[14] a apud Hieron in h. 1.

[15] the City Ierusalem

[16] c Heb. et non illi, i.e. Ierusale{m} quæ ante 62 hebdomadas revertitur non erit illi in principatum sed ab alio Principe perdetur.

[17] a The Priests in representing {ki}ngdoms by Be{as}ts & birds put {their} wings stretched out over any country for their armies invading it

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