Catalogue Entry: THEM00104

Newton's 1725 defence of his 'Short Chronology'.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Classified Papers vol. XVI, item 14, Royal Society Library, London, UK


Entitled 'Remarques upon the Observations made upon a Chronological Index of Sr Is. Newton, translated into French by the Observator, & published at Paris'. A later hand has added 'Sr Isaac Newton's' to the beginning of the title. On the back of p. 3 in another hand: 'Sr Isaac Newton/ Copy'd/ read about ye latter end of 1725'.

Newton's account of Guillaume Cavelier's publication of the Abregé de la Chronologie de M. le Chevalier Newton, stressing that it had no sanction from Newton, followed by a refutation of several of the 'Observations' appended to the French edition.

Published as 'Remarks on the Observations made on a Chronological Index of Sir Isaac Newton, translated into French by the Observer, and published at Paris' in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 33 (1725), p. 315). Cf. King's College Cambridge, Keynes Ms. 138 and Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 27, and the notes there.

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