Catalogue Entry: MINT01165

Note accompanying papers relating to Redhead, late Master and Worker of the Norwich Mint, and his dispute with Blofield

Author: William Lowndes Secretary to the Treasury

Source: MINT 1/8/33, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Printed in NC, 4: 401-2. Outline of the case copied in Mint 1/8.33-4, MINT01166. Newton's response to Blofield's petition in Mint 19/2/481, MINT00858. Newton's summary of the case copied in Mint 1/8.35-6, MINT01168.

[1] Treasury Chambers
22 March 17023

[2] To Samll. Travers Esqr. her Majestys surveyor Generall
Edwd. Harley Esqr. one of the Auditors of her Majestys Imprests
Sr. Iohn Stanley {Barronet} Warden of Her Majestys Mint
Isaac Newton Esqr. Master Work
Iohn Ellis Esqr. Comptroller & Thos. Hall Esqr. Chief Clerk of the Mint

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