Catalogue Entry: MINT00701

'A Report made Sept. 23. 1706 upon the proposals of Mr Holt & Mr Williams dated May 31th & Iuly 17th 1706'.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MINT 19/3/545, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Dismisses their proposals to increase the price of tin as this would destroy trade. Their confidence that East Indies tin is 'of a bad sort and little in quantity' [so Dutch competition need not be feared] is misplaced: more recent information suggests almost limitless stocks of high quality tin there.

At top of page: possibly related calculations.

Presumably a draft of the Mint's letter to the Treasurer of the same date dismissing the same proposals (T. 1/99.97, MINT00948, printed in NC, 4: 478-80), though the Treasury copy is untitled and very differently worded, and specifies the source of the Mint's information on East Indies tin as John Drummond [see note to MINT00699 (III.577)].


58. 8. 2 –
85. 0 2. 15
143. {4} {4} 15
1127. 5. 1. 10
1570. 14 1 25.

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