Catalogue Entry: MINT00403

Proposed measures to be taken in the wake of Daniel Stewart's recent death. Presumably a variant of MINT00402 (III.131).

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Mint 19/III.46, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Suggests Stewart's post of bullion collector, 'being irregular', be suppressed, and the Edinburgh Mint's financial arrangements remodelled on London's. Stewart's executors should be ordered to hand back to the Mint a sum of between £2,500 and £5,000 owing to it. [The last paragraph (on recouping money from Stewart's executors) has been struck through.]

Printed in NC, 4: 515-16. Signed holograph copy of the same date, without the deleted paragraph, in PRO, T1/106, no. 54. Further drafts at MINT00594 (V.30) and MINT00705 (V.29).

[1] Mint Office 14th April     1709.

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