Catalogue Entry: MINT00380

Petition for recovery of income lost and expenses incurred through the reorganisation of the Edinburgh Mint.

Author: James ClarkEdinburgh engraver and die-sinker

Source: Mint 19/III.183, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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Complains that whereas formerly he was paid £250 a piece for making puncheons, he now has to receive puncheons from London which have proven broken or faulty. He is repairing or replacing these and hopes that due recompense will be forthcoming.

[Together with his fellow engraver Joseph Cave, Clark renewed this petition over four years later: PRO, Mint 1/8, p. 164, referred by Treasury to Mint 7 January 1711 [=1712]. On 16 July following, the Mint board finally recommended acceptance: PRO, T1/149, no. 45.]

Printed in NC, 7: 451-2.

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