Catalogue Entry: MINT00165

Memorandum by Newton: 'A Memoriall concerning the Trial of the monies in ye Pix by a Iury before the King or Lords of ye Council and Officers of the Mint'.

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MINT 19/1/307-8, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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A long account of pyx trial procedure, stressing that Mint officers should always be present, that the jury, furnished by the Goldsmiths' Company, is one 'of Enquiry not of Iudgement', and that in the event of disputes the Mint officers have a right to demand a renewal of the trial.


[In tone and content, this document is strikingly similar to those complaining about the pyx trial of 21 August 1710 (MINT00173 - MINT00180 below), but repeated reference to 'the King' rules out its having been produced during Anne's reign. Westfall (p. 609) suggests that it relates to a dispute with the goldsmiths at the trial of 6 August 1701.]

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