Catalogue Entry: ALCH00202

Miscellaneous alchemical notes and recipes

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: QD14.N498, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

[Normalized Text (at Chymistry of Isaac Newton)]

Custodial History

SL18 and SL88 were both bought at the Sotheby sale by Pickering & Chatto for £9.10s. and £5 respectively. It is not clear when and by whom the pages were re-ordered. The current document was acquired at some point by Roy G. Neville, whose large collection of alchemical books and manuscripts was in turn acquired by the Chemical Heritage Foundation in 2004.

Sotheby Lot

Part of SL18 + part of SL88


f. 1r: Notes in English under the headings 'Ruth Mallor's work' and 'The 3d period', c. 300 words.

f. 1v: Recipes in English for 'a menstruum wch will dissolve gold' and 'a menstruum for resolving bodies like ye Alkahest but not so potent', c. 80 words.

f. 2r: Notes headed 'Experimentum Bellinj', in Latin in an unidentified hand, c. 80 words.

f. 3v: Notes headed 'Aqua fortis' and 'Refining silver', in English in John Conduitt's hand, c. 250 words, with a sketch of the apparatus used for refining silver.


f. 1 originally belonged to SL18 and ff. 2 and 3 to SL88. The whereabouts of the rest of these lots remains unknown.

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